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Note: eCorrei is no longer developed. Please use another webmail client, like Roundcube, because eCorrei contains bugs and doesn't work properly in newer PHP versions. This site is primarily available for historical reasons.


README for eCorrei 1.2.5
2 February 2002

Please read this file before attempting to use eCorrei.
Read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
Also included is a FAQ, SECURITY, PERFORMANCE, TODO and


1. What is eCorrei?

2. Features

3. Translations

4. Reporting bugs

5. eCorrei on the Web

1. What is eCorrei?

eCorrei is a webmail system. This means it will allow you to access
your POP email account via the web. It can do (nearly) all the things
a normal email client can do: receiving mail, sending mail, replying,
forwarding, etc. eCorrei was designed to be fast, simple and platform

2. Features

	*	Support for both POP3 and IMAP;

	*	Receiving plain text messages, HTML messages, messages
		with attachments, HTML messages with attachments and
		HTML messages with inline images;

	*	Sending emails using a SMTP server or the PHP mail()

	*	Replying and forwarding of emails;

	*	Deleting emails, one or more at a time;

	*	Autorefresh of Inbox;

	*	Options for setting name and email address;

	*	Parsing of URL's in messages;

	*	Quickly send mails with smart maillinks in messages;

	*	Add signature to mails;
	*	Addressbook with groups to organize your addresses;

	*	Multiple language support (user can choose language).

To see what to the future will bring for eCorrei, have a look at the 
"The future for eCorrei" section.

3. Translations

eCorrei is currently available in 8 languages. If you would like to
translate eCorrei for me, send me a mail for instructions. Please
contact me before translating. Thanks in advance!

4. Reporting bugs

If you think you've found a bug, please use the bug report system on
the website. Please tell which browser/PHP version/server you're using.
Before reporting, make sure you've got the required PHP environment
(check with check.php, see INSTALL) and your configuration is OK.
As I can't test eCorrei on all platforms/browsers/servers etc., I
would like you to mail me any testing results.

5. eCorrei on the Web

eCorrei has it's own web page, check it out:


Also have a look at the SourceForge Project page:


If you want to contact the authors of eCorrei, send a mail to:


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