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Note: eCorrei is no longer developed. Please use another webmail client, like Roundcube, because eCorrei contains bugs and doesn't work properly in newer PHP versions. This site is primarily available for historical reasons.


PERFORMANCE for eCorrei 1.2.5
2 February 2002

How can you make eCorrei run really fast? Read this file.

First of all, make sure your server is well setup. This means
a properly installed OS, and a fast webserver. The module 
version of PHP is preferred over the CGI version. On Windows 
you can use the ISAPI version. 

eCorrei will (of course) be a lot faster if the connection 
between POP3/IMAP-server and eCorrei-server is faster. If you
can, you should run the POP3/IMAP-server and eCorrei on one
computer, so the connection is as fast as possible. 

As eCorrei uses the IMAP module for communicating with the
mailserver, eCorrei will perform better if the mailserver really
is an IMAP-server. The commands eCorrei uses are designed for
IMAP, not for POP3, however, POP3 is supported.

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