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Note: eCorrei is no longer developed. Please use another webmail client, like Roundcube, because eCorrei contains bugs and doesn't work properly in newer PHP versions. This site is primarily available for historical reasons.


INSTALL for eCorrei 1.2.5
2 February 2002


1. Requirements

2. Installation

3. Windows comments

1. Requirements

You don't need a heavy system to be able to run eCorrei. The test 
system I use is a Pentium 100 MHz system, running Redhat Linux 7.1
with 32 MB of RAM. The minimum requirements are:

	*	A web server (like Apache 1.3.23)

	*	A SMTP server or access to one (Sendmail is
		standard on most Linux systems)

	*	PHP 4.0.3 (tested with PHP 4.1.0)

	*	IMAP module of PHP

This should be everything. You also should have the permissions
to write to files in your directory's.

Also make sure the extension .php is connected to PHP.

To check your PHP environment, upload the check.php file, and view
it with your browser. If all tests are passed, eCorrei should
run fine. Delete the check.php file after installation as it
could give away sensitive server info. 

PHP can be found at http://www.php.net/, Apache can be found at 

In the PHP manual you can see how to compile the IMAP module for

2. Installation

	1.	Download eCorrei (file: ecorrei-1.2.5.tar.gz)

	2.	Unpack the file in a directory on your webserver.
		(tar zxvf ecorrei-1.2.5.tar.gz)

	4.	Change the config file (config.php)
		You probably want to change the domains array

	5.	Change the permissions for the user dir to 777

	6.	Create the temp dir, according to the path 
		specified in the config.php file

	7.	Change the permissions for the temp dir to 777
	8.	Now you have installed eCorrei!
		Test eCorrei by calling the index.php file 
		in the eCorrei installation directory in your 

3. Windows comments

I have done only limited testing on Windows, but eCorrei prooved
to be relatively "Plug 'n' Play". One thing you have to look at
is the hostname variable in the config file. This variable must
contain the hostname of the computer running eCorrei. It is used
in redirections, so it must be correct. When you're running Apache
(probably other servers too) the hostname used by the browser can
be obtained using the $HTTP_HOST variable. My recommendation is 
leaving the value of the hostname variable as it is and test 
eCorrei. If the redirections fail (for example, after you 
change the options) you must hardcode the hostname. For 
example, if hostname is "ecorrei.sourceforge.net" change the 
line to read:
$cfg->hostname = "ecorrei.sourceforge.net";
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