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Note: eCorrei is no longer developed. Please use another webmail client, like Roundcube, because eCorrei contains bugs and doesn't work properly in newer PHP versions. This site is primarily available for historical reasons.


FAQ for eCorrei 1.2.5
2 February 2002

1. How do I use eCorrei?

That should be pretty straight-forward. Yet I will include a help system
in the future.

2. Does it work on my local network?

Sure it does. Just make sure you've got a web server and a mail server
configured for your local network.

3. Where can I change the fonts?

Have a look at the style.css file in the "images" directory.

4. I have found bugs. Where can I report them?

Please go to the eCorrei webpage (http://ecorrei.sourceforge.net), click on
"Bugs" and submit your bug report. Please be a little specific with your
description, and mention which webserver/browser/PHP version you're using.
And check your PHP environment using the check.php script.

5. Why doesn't the sort on From: in the Inbox work properly?

eCorrei uses the standard IMAP function imap_sort() for sorting
messages. Apparently this function sorts the messages on the
from emailaddress, and eCorrei only displays the emailaddress only
when no name is given. This is done to save space.

6. Can I translate eCorrei?

Yes, you can create you own language file based on the English
translation (lang.en.php). If you would like to share your
translation with all of the eCorrei users, mail the translation
to me. Read the README file for more information.

7. What's the eCorrei history?

A few years ago I started programming in Perl. I downloaded some
webmail scripts, but none of them was what I was looking for. I
started modifying a script called QD-POP, and wrote my own version.
It had the same interface eCorrei has now. I programmed my own
session support. Then I discovered PHP and rewrote my webmail
program in PHP because it was much faster. It used a own written
class to access POP3-servers. I called it eCorrei. This version
was never released. I had some problems with large e-mails so
I rewrote it to use the IMAP extension. eCorrei 1.0 was born.
And the rest of the story you know :-).

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