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Note: eCorrei is no longer developed. Please use another webmail client, like Roundcube, because eCorrei contains bugs and doesn't work properly in newer PHP versions. This site is primarily available for historical reasons.


CHANGES for eCorrei 1.2.5
2 February 2002

Version 1.2.5 (released 2 February 2002)
	- Fixed PHP version bug in check.php
	- Now presets language based on browser settings
	- Some CSS changes
	- Changed config options to $cfg->...
	- Added append option in config
	- Converted all images to PNG
	- Fixed signature problem
	- Added Invert selection feature in Inbox
	- Fixed some IE6 center problems
	- Updated SECURITY
	- Fixed inline imaging
	- Added option to set timezone in Options
	- Added UTF-8 support (receiving)
	- JavaScript included in every page is in a .js-file
	- Magic quotes is disabled now
	- Possibility to view message header
	- New configuration option allows you to set refresh
	  time of Inbox
	- Fixed bug in autorefresh of Inbox
	- New address parser in create script allows you to mail
	  to entire groups of the addressbook at once
	- Fixed bug with high priority
	- Tweaked the icons a bit
	- Fixed JavaScript problem in Inbox and Contacts
	- Fixed CC and BCC problem

Version 1.2 (released 24 September 2001)
	- JavaScript checks of form input
	- Changed <? to <?php everywhere
	- Limited support for VCards
	- Fixed some HTML errors
	- Changed the icons
	- Added option to include fixed signature with every message
	- Now includes attachments when forwarding
	- Added configuration option to set maximum user settings size
	- Added configuration option to set maximum attachments size
	- Changed attachment handling, now unlimited number of 
	  attachments supported
	- Fixed newline bug with mail() 
	- Added CC and BCC support 
	- Changed the Contacts integration in the create script
	- Workaround for strange Netscape bug in Contacts
	- Fixed some JavaScript bugs
	- Added language support
	- Checks for login now to increase security
	- Fixed a mail() bug in the create script
	- Fixed some URL encode and HTML bugs

Version 1.1pl1 (released 15 July 2001)
	- Fixed bugs in name, group and email check in addressbook
	- Fixed a color bug in addressbook
	- Fixed a addressbook bug in create script
	- Fixed a mail() bug in the create script
	- Fixed a bug in the attachment script
	- Extended the info given if replied & forwarded
	- Fixed a HTML bug in the create script

Version 1.1 (released 7 July 2001)
	- Now uses PHP sessions
	- Addressbook with group support
	- Sorting in Inbox
	- Ability to use mail() instead of SMTP
	- Display of new mail in Inbox
	- Full IMAP support
	- Use of IUD's
	- Changed date format in Inbox & message display
	- Some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.0 (released 15 April 2001)
	- Initial release
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